Sardinia is our pilot.
It exists in our imaginary as a powerful convergence of cultural paths and ideas, resulting in a mix of inspiring perspectives for our common inquiry. It is also a place where nature and people expose a peculiar criticism and beauty.

From Bachisio Bandinu’s book Noi non sapevamo (We didn’t know), one of our first points of reference, Sardinia stretches beyond itself into a microcosm of the world. A place aware of its deep intersecting narratives that incorporate colonial, exploitative policies alongside rip-roaring messages. Here we begin our journey.

Sardinia (Italy)

15th August 2017

28th August 2017

Falastin, Wadi Al-Qelt (Palestine), ph: Diego Segatto, 2012

Isshaq Al-Barbary, Elena Isayev, Erika Murru, Elsa Raker, Diego Segatto

Rossella Dassu, Paolo Fenocchio, Dante Olianas, Giampietro Orrù, Pitano Perra, Francesco Puggioni, Alfonso Stiglitz

GATHERINGS: Casa della Canna (Maracalagonis), Sa domu de su Santu (Guasila), Teatro Fueddu e Gestu (Villasor), Macondo (Pula), Orchards of Oristano, Santuario nuragico di Santa Cristina (Paulilatino), Cabussò (Alghero), Museo Civico del Sinis settentrionale (San Vero Milis), Sa domu de su Capitanu (Villa San Pietro)