Nederland #1-3

We have been invited, in conjunction with our shared research and engagement in the development of the Campus in Camps project, to become research fellows in the academic year 2017–2018 as part of BAK’s new post-academic fellowship research itinerary: Propositions for Non Fascist Living.

We aim to discuss and elaborate Al Maieshah as a possible format able to be replicated, scaled and tailored as a creative process in fieri. This format moves from those relational and visual practices experienced and experimented in Campus in Camps, thus implemented by producing communal performative environments as devices for investigational praxis. The focus is on the person at the center, as a potential or expressed political agent, able to nurture processes of social, cultural and political transformation.


1st October 2017

30th June 2018

Ichnusa #0, Sardinia. Photomontage: Diego Segatto

Isshaq Al-Barbary, Diego Segatto, Elena Isayev

The BAK Fellows 2017/2018

BAK basis voor actuele kunst (Utrecht), Bait Al Maeishah (Utrecht), The Black Archives (Amsterdam), La Colonie (Paris)


A reading list (in progress)

Of hospitality Jacques Deridda, Anne Dufourmantelle Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, 2000 Hospitality and Pain Ivan Illich Chicago, 1987 Europe as Terraferma: against the criminalisation of solidarity Brunilda Pali The ungrateful…