A reading list (in progress)

Of hospitality
Jacques Deridda, Anne Dufourmantelle
Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, 2000

Hospitality and Pain
Ivan Illich
Chicago, 1987

Europe as Terraferma: against the criminalisation of solidarity
Brunilda Pali

The ungrateful refugee: ‘We have no debt to repay’
Dina Nayeri

Limits of Municipalism in the Age of Trump
Janet Biehl

The No State Solution: Institutionalizing Libertarian Socialism in Kurdistan
Alexander Kolokotronis

Geontologies – A requiem to late liberalism
Elizabeth povinelli
Duke University Press Books, 2016

From Freehouse to Neighborhood Co-op: The Birth of a New Organizational Form
Sue Bell Yank

Deliberative Democracy or Agonistic Pluralism
Chantal Mouffe
Reihe Politikwissenschaft Political Science Series, 2000

Criminologists: Interpreters for society or Servants to power
Nils Christie

Poetics of Relation
Édouard Glissant
University of Michigan Press, 1997

Refugee Protests and Political Agency: Framing Dissensus through Precarity
Katrin Kremmel and Brunilda Pali
Leuven Institute of Criminology, Green Harms and Crimes, 2015

What do the Tuareg want?
Andy Morgan

Images of Alternative Justice: The Alternative of Restorative Justice
Brunilda Pali

Reading Derrida in Tehran: Between an Open Door and an Empty Sofreh
Elisabeth Yarbakhsh

Imagined community
Benedict Anderson
Verso, 1983

Land of sad oranges
Ghassan Khanafani
Rimal Publications, 1963