Collective Dictionary: INHABITING

INHABITING is the first Collective Dictionary produced by Al Maeishah. It is the visible outcome of the collaboration between Al Maeishah and the Office of Displaced Designers, who invited us to implement their research on The Alternative Atlas of Lesvos: an island for the world. The atlas aims to intersect with those forcibly displaced, with the global web of volunteers, with the cultural history, the inhabitants and the nature of Lesvos.
Through collective practices and by intertwining our movements and intentions with the ODD, a group of participants connected to question: how is hospitality made possible and enacted here? Can anyone be an eternal host or guest? What does it mean to inhabit?
Contributors: Isshaq Al-Barbary, Enayat Foladi, Aref Husseini, Elena Isayev, Mahran Johaana, Diego Segatto, Hassan Tabsho