Parliament of Schools

From 20th to 24th of March 2019, Al Maeishah is invited by Bauhaus Dessau (Germany) at the Parliament of Schools.
In occasion of the Bauhaus Festival for the centenary of the historical institution, we will be part of a dynamic week where a number of international and interdisciplinary practitioners, will interact to exchange and manifest new forms of pedagogy in the light of Bauhaus heritage and beyond:
What would a Bauhaus School look like today? How would it organise communal living and learning? And how could the campus microcosm serve to plant the seed for future politics of socially conscious design?
Though the Bauhaus was active as a school for six years only, its contributions to modern arts education continue to influence pedagogical practices until today. Its curriculum was embedded into the architecture of the Bauhaus Building and is still apparent in the Building’s spaces. The Bauhaus Building embodies the conviction that schools are a testing ground for configuring future ways of living together, they offer a place to experiment and play.
In the context of the Festival School Fundamental, this historical learning environment of the Bauhaus Building is reassessed from a contemporary perspective. How can we relate the Bauhaus curriculum and Building to current critical practices in design education? In a varied programme of workshops, performances, discussions, and talks, both the festival participants and the public will explore new ways of engaging with the iconic school building.


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